Franchy Beauty Imperfection

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We all want to be beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately not all of us are considered beautiful, some of us are considered very ugly and unattractive. What is one to do if you are not born with attractive features? I know, I know if you're not attractive there are a long list of things to do to alter your appearance. As a matter of fact the way the world is today you no longer are stuck the way you were born.

Being natural is becoming rarer as technology gets bigger and better. Natural is becoming out of  style like the big hairstyles of the 80's. I make it a point to be honest and forth coming with you all on this blog. I want you all to really get to know the women that I'm. I'm sweet and kind and a compassionate women. In a world where people alter their beauty and hide who they truly are I go against the norm and be my true naturally imperfect self.

Yes I'm imperfect and that is quite okay. I don't always know what to say or do. I'm shy and awkward at times when I meet new people. I'm a hot nerd, I wear glasses. I've gotten my heart broken many many times. Nonetheless I'm still beautiful, I'm still here we are all beautiful in our own ways. For instance through out this blog I will talk about my ideal beauty and different beauty hacks. Lets create our own beauty with this blog, join me!

Dread Locks
                               No Makeup
                                                         Imperfection is perfection

 Body Positivity for days   
                                             Self Love
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