Spring Up Your Dreams

Good evening it’s another beautiful Sunday in Tinsel-town. The sunlight is out longer and we just turn the clock forward. That’s right it’s spring time. Pretty soon the flowers will be blooming and we will be able to hear the chirping of the birds. I don’t know about you but I’m happy the winter is almost over. If you know me you know I hate the cold.

I’m originally from the Island so I prefer warm weather throughout the year. The Island that I’m from is Haiti. Haiti is a beautiful country that is the victim of poor government and lack of resources. I’m happy to have come from the bottom and to be where I’m in life now. Coming to the United States at 8 years old was a new beginning for me. The United states open a lot of doors that my country couldn’t open for me and I grew up a lot here.
Similarly spring is a time for new beginnings. When many things will grow and be renewed. So what new things are you renewing in your life? Are you renewing your faith, love, trust, or your dreams? Always keep your dreams a live bye now my online family.