Coming In Full Circle

                                                    Coming in full circle

Hello guys! It's been a while! I really appreciate all the love and +d's. The reason I've been gone for so long is because. I've been busy with my other online activities. Not that you guys aren't important to me. Cause you guys are very important to me. I've missed you guys a lot. So I've come up with a plan to keep you guys better inform!

I've recently switched from going full time to going part time with my security guard job! This is really a big deal for me. I mean I've been thinking about working online full time for a while. My fears always convince me to  not do that. For once I'm not listening! I'm pushing myself to make my dreams a reality!

I have you guys to thank for that. Thank you! Because of all the views and +d's I've been getting. I feel more confident that I can make it as a writer. In direct response to all the views I've been receiving. I've decided to post more frequently here! That's right! More poems, more useful information, and last but not least more me! If you want more of me also check out my other blog!

Below is a new poem I want to share! Enjoy!
     My life
A story about me can it be?
I write my words so vivid can you see?
My life is an unending tunnel.
With the scatter pieces my my soul
lying on the ground. Waiting for me to pick up.
But I can't pick up.
For there is a door with a mirror on it.
It's lock.
It only will open when I
reveal the true me.
The me that lay buried deep in my soul.
They say "the eye is the window to our soul."
Look at my baby blues.
It twinkles with pain from winters pass.
Back then days were cold and lonely.
I was yearning to be touched by love.
I reached out and crab the door knob.
It opens.
My boyfriend of 3 years stood there.
Filled with light and a great big smile.

I'm coming in full circle! Being the women I should've been. Living my dream. Filling my heart with passion. My writing is my passion. So I'm writing the beginning of the chapter of my life. The ending is just beginning. Thank you for sharing my life! You are my world!


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