Putting Life First (carpe-diem)

Hello all it’s been a while since I’ve written to you. Yes to answer your question of course I’ve missed you. Like wise when you are not trying to be the best that you can be you can miss a lot in life. Life is too short to miss any of its precious moments. We should hold on to life. Try to breathe its last breath. Touch ever curve and crevice of life illuminating form. Let the light brighten the darkest core of our being. You look forward in front of you is brighten foot prints. Every step you take the foot prints become dimmer signaling that you have reached another goal in your life. Every step you take you either getting closer to your goal or getting farther. So dance, sing, laugh, play. Write that novel you’ve been waiting to write. Buy that dress you been eyeing for weeks. Because you know what tomorrow is not promised? Tomorrow may never come. So seize the day carpe-diem.