Vacation You Deserve!

Hello all I’m currently on vacation. I just love being on vacation. You know sleep whenever you want to. Go out whenever and wherever you want. The hardest part is going back to work. When I’m on vacation I’m completely in my own zone. It’s like I’m in a place where time doesn’t exist. The days and month of the year seems like its part of a completely different reality. Most of our reality consists of working or going to school. By the time we get home we are too tired to spend time with our love ones. With this type of schedule it’s understandable to want some time off. If you never take some days off you will go insane. Nothing is good about being over worked. After all the point of working hard is to play harder right? Go on put on that itsy bitsy bikini that you have hanging in your closet. Start your vacation right now. Below I have listed my top ten places to vacation. If you don’t agree with my list tell me your list.
1.      1.  Miami Florida
2.       2. Orlando Florida
3.       3. New York
4.       4. California
5.       5. Charleston South Carolina
6.       6. Orange Beach Alabama
7.       7. Virgina Beach Virgina
8.       8. Newport Rhode Island
9.       9. Palm Springs California
10. Grand Rapids & Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast