This is didicated to everyone who is letting their fears stop them from reaching their goals and making their dreams come true. Just go for it carpe diem.


Tell me your biggest fears.
The fear that is bury deep in your soul.
The fear that hides in the darkest corners of your body.
Slowly devouring the beautiful and capable person that I know also live there.
Like an ulcer devouring flesh and bones.
Fear have silence your hopes and dreams.
It has taking some blue off your eyes.
I look at your ocean blue eyes as it darts away from mine.
I slowly touch your red lips to try to stop them from trembling.
I reach down trying to grab your hands but you turn away.
I reach for your hands again I pull you back towards me.
I place my lips next to your ear.
I wisper for such a beautiful girl with eyes as blue as the sky,skys the limit.
Why don’t you spread your wings my angel?
Fly fly away leave all worries and fears behind for only then shal you be free

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