Loving Me. All Of Me.

                                                   Loving Me. All Of Me.
In a world where plastic surgery is on the rise. Where all you see is sizes four and six in the magazines. I challenge you to be a size twelve. To not be the norm. To not bleach your skin. To throw away your weaves. And put away all your make up. I challenge you to love yourself.

When I look in the mirror the face I'm staring at I love.
 I see strength.
 I see passion.
 I see heart ache.
 I see pain.
 I see a beautiful women who wont stop until she is all she can be.
 So look in the mirror and look at your true self.
 See all the imperfections that is you.
 The big imperfection mess that you are.
 Enjoy your curves.
 Touch your body.
 Kiss your body.
You is all you have in this world.
 If you don't love yourself no one will.
 So forget about going under the knife.
 Letting them create their idea of perfection.
We are all perfection in gods eye.
He created us just perfectly.
So look in the mirror.
Move forward pucker up.
Kiss your self.
Touch yourself.
Love yourself.
Make love to yourself.
Because tomorrow you may never get the chance.