Anger The Silent Killer.

The anger silences me.

While inside me a big war is erupting.

My facial muscles are tense.

My expression so forceful but expressionless.

My lips curve to a grimace.

My eyes are ice cold like the bluest river.

After it lost the fight to the winter.

My hands are clenched sightly together.

As you approach me my anger explodes.

Like a volcanic eruption.

After many years of being silenced.

My facial expression tightens.

As a red blush slowly hovers.

Around my face.

Soon my red lips are blended.

The red blush slowly.

Hovers around the rest of me.

Like a solar eclipse.

Then suddenly a hand slowly.

Brushes my hand.

As if brushing away.

All my anger and pain.

He bended down and softly kiss.

My lips.

As he did the the red blush slowly dissipate.

With each beat of the heart.

Slowly my lips curve to a smile.

My face no longer expressionless.

My hands unclenched so that.

I could hold his hands.

It just take.

That one person to pull.

The trigger.

Or that one person.

To silence the pain.

And let you know.

You are not alone in this.


So which person will you be?

Choose wisely!

Please stop bulling.

This poem is dedicated.

To all the young people.

That have lost there life to bulling.

And everyone else who have given up on themselves.
PS If you need a friend check out my google+ page. Your not alone!

The Faces Of Suicide: