The Best Of Me Is You!

                                                     The best of me!

This movie brings me back to last summer past.
 It has open an old wound that I've been ignoring is even there.
Will I always regret we never slept with each other that night?
Our kisses were so wet and full of life.
God I hate I still love you. But I do.
Since then no one have find a place between my legs or my heart.
 My heart longs for you my love.
I can't get you out of my mind.
Will it always be like this?
 Me pushing away thought of you.
In my mind we've made love a thousand time.
 I still feel you gently pushing away my hair.
 Caressing me in your arms.
Our face so close as I breath out you breath in.
We are one you and I.
I promise thy I love you forever.
 Till the end of time. I hope wherever you are you are okay.
I don't want to say goodbye. So for now I will say good night.

                                                           The Faces Of Love! <3


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