A Little Loving Before Stuffing

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about relationships! Are you single? Are you currently searching for the man or woman of your dreams? Well currently I'm in a 6 year relationship with my boyfriend Jeffrey Skeete. I tell you it's not all picnic and roses. Relationship takes work! It is not always going to be easy! Just gotta make sure the person is worth all that hard work! Perhaps that's why a lot of marriages and relationships have met their makers. Sort of speak.

The most recent and notable brake ups are Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Many of us look up to celebrity couples. From their lavish weddings to their huge beautiful homes. Their rich and beautiful. If they can't make it work what chance do we have? Life is definitely not a fairy tale. Movies like "The Notebook" stole our hearts away. We all want the love that lasts for eternity. But does that really exists?

We all want to believe that kind of love does exist. We go from one relationship to the next trying to find our soul mates. Kissing many frogs on the way. Your in luck! I do believe there is someone out there for everyone. Below I have tips to create a long lasting relationship.

Tips guarantee to last for eternity:

  1. Listen with your heart- Everybody needs someone they can confide in. Someone just to listen and maybe give an occasional hug. Be that shoulder to cry on. Offer your lover your undivided attention.
  2. Trust your love- Trust to me is the most important part of any relationship. The minute that is lost. The relationship begins to brake down. Once you lose the trust it may never be restore. The relationship inevitably ends.
  3. Tell me more- To me being able to talk to your lover with no reserves is a beautiful thing. Communication is key for a long lasting relationship. When the communication stops. It usually mean your relationship is in trouble. For instance I often give my boyfriend the silent treatment when I'm mad at him. Brake the silence speak from your heart.
  4. Sexualize your love- That's right! You know I couldn't end the list without mentioning sex. Let me be clear. Sex is not the most important part of a relationship. However it still is very important. Many relationship have ended because of it. lets be honest! Sex is a need that needs to be met. If you wont satisfy your lover. They will find someone that will. So my advice is find someone that is equal with your needs. Meaning don't date a sexaholic if your not that into sex. Problems may arise. There is no better way to show how much I love you. Then me in between your thighs.
Alrighty I hope you enjoy my list! Did I miss anything? If you feel there is something else that I could've add to the list. Please comment below! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving all. Talk to you later. Bye! Bye!

                                                          Ahh Romance


  1. Now in a new relationship. Ah the endless search of endless love ya.


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