My Eternal Love

                                                          My Eternal Love

Ahh Romance.
Without you I can't breath. 
Without you I can't see myself.
Without you I can't feel.
I feel so alone my love.
Come back to me.
Make love to me.
Hold me in your arms for eternity.
Never let me go.
With you there is no need to let go.
With you I'm never alone.
With you I'm whole.
You fill the emptiness with your love.
With you I'm always loved.
I love you my darling.
Now and forever.
I'm yours.
Your mine.
Your my true love.
I will love thy for eternity.


  1. Love your poem!!!
    Would be grateful if you could check my blog out and join my site

    1. I'm glad you loved my blog! I've checked your blog! I've enjoyed it!
      Keep up the good work! keep blogging!

    2. Your welcomr. Thanks for stopping by and i am glad you enjoyed it. I will and likewise.

  2. My heart still icks when shal this end?
    My heart still cries out for you.
    My mouth long for your sweet kiss.
    I'm yours whether I surrender or not.
    I love you.


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