A Christmas Story

Hello everyone! Franchy here! I would like to thank you for viewing my posts and your support! Above all I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year. I hope 2015 was a good year for you. I hope 2016 will be an even better year for you. Here's a recap of the post I've made on 2015.

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A Frantastic 2016
In the coming year (2016). I will be posting more endearing and thought provoking posts. That's right I will be on my A game. One example of how I will be on my A Game is that I have been taking an online course. I have been taking an online course on how to start my business online. Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start an online business. If your interested the link is Start Here. You can sign up absolutely free no credit card needed. If you have a question about the program please leave me a message below. In an upcoming post I will talk about Wealth Affiliate in more details.

I will post more ways to earn money online. I know a lot of people are looking for ways to earn online. So that you can spend more time with your family among other things. For me that thing is making my dreams a reality. 2016 will be all about making my dreams a reality come and join me! I look forward to you all being here next year.

Here's a Christmas story to take you into the new year.

Katherine was siting across from her grandfathers hospital bed. She hasn't left his side since she came to visit early Christmas Eve. All day long she has been signing Christmas sons to  help cheer up granddad. He smiled and encourage her to sing

Then suddenly mom came in and convince Katherine to leave her granddad. They had to head home. For it was 3 hours until we open all our presents. So home we went.

"Katherine!" Mom called from down stairs.
I have to head back to the hospital quickly.

Your uncle Ben is outside parking his car.
He will help you open your presents and sing the Christmas Carols.

I have left some eggnog and cookies for you on the kitchen table.
I will call you shortly and see how things are going.

"Okay mom!" Called out Katherine.

An hour later uncle Ben called for Katherine to open her presents.

Katherine and Ben begin signing Christmas Carols.

Look Katherine called out it's snowing she smiled in delight.

It is Ben said in a shocking voice. It hasn't snowed in Northern Florida in years.

How do you know it is snowing Katherine?

Granddad told me it is going to snow to night.

I think the snow is telling us it's time to open our presents.

"Okay!" Katharine excitedly walk over to the presents.

After 30 minutes of ripping presents open.

Katherine retired to the sofa near the telephone.
I'll be right back said uncle Ben. I have to get the camera!

"Katherine!" She heard the voice of her granddad and moved her head to her left.

Their he sat sitting in his favorite chair. She saw how happy Pa Pa was.

Then suddenly the phone ring it was mom.

Honey I have some bad news Pa Pa is gone.
No No Katherine cried softly.

Its going to be okay honey.
He left you a special present.
His blue eyes!

Now you will be able to see!

But mom I just saw him a few seconds a go.

Katherine turn her head again and she saw darkness.

Merry Christmas all! :)


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