Dear Me

                                                          Dear Me!

Dear Me.
I have wanted to have this conversation for quite some time.
With every tear that drop from your eyes. I wanted to kiss them away.
I wanted to say everything is going to be okay my darling.

Dear Me My Dearest.
If I got a penny for every guy that got a piece of your heart and didn't
deserve it. I would be a billionaire by now.
You deserve the best and nothing less.

Dear Me Never Forget Your True Love.
Remember that lazy summer? Each kiss given burn a hole through your soul.
With each touch sending electricity throughout your body. Your sexuality was awaken that lazy summer. Every inch of you wanted him. Every inch of him wanted you. But your unending loyalty. Kept your legs close as well as your heart.

Dear Me What Is It You See In Me?
Your eyes so intense.
They see right through my lies.
I see you for what you are not who I want you to be.

Dear Me Friends And Followers Come And Go.
Let go of these doubts.
Your far better then a distant memory.
Far better then just a number.

Dear Me You Are Beautiful!
No matter what you heart say.
Your one of a kind.
No one can ever replace you.
I love you.

Dear Me.
As you read this. I hope all your fears and doubts are disappearing with every word that is written. You are a remarkable women. There is no need to thank me.
May you follow your dreams and your heart. They will take you very far.
Fly away my angel.

Dear Me
This is only the beginning.
Write your ending.


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