Minding My Business!


Hello everyone! So it is the New Year 2016. What's next for me? Whats next is me working towards having a lucrative business and leaving my security job. I most admit I'm pretty scared at the thought of owning my own business. I mean what do I know about owning a business?

The answer to that question is the only thing I know is I want to start  my own business. As a matter of fact before I even knew what business I wanted to start I open a Google business page. The natural thing to me is my writing is my business. Writing is something I've always been passionate about.
It didn't matter whether I was good at it or not. I wanted to write. Coming from my background which is a poor country struggling and a family who didn't really expect much of me. The last thing you would expect is me opening a business.

As I dwell on what people expect of me and not listening to my own expectations. I end up staying in a  job I can't stand for 9 years of my life. I'm at the point of my life I'm tired of not reaching my full expectations, my full potential.So you must be thinking who cares I get it you hate your job right? If your not thinking that thanks for caring. However I know for sure your wondering what that has to do with you. After all your the reason this blog exist. Without you there would be no articles. Now to answer your question what this have to do with you is I'm sure you can relate. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who hates my job.

I'm sure some of you hate your job too. As I mentioned before My Earning Life is about my life and how I earn. I want to inspire you to live to your full potential by telling you about my life. That way you can learn from my mistakes. Its like you get a second chance in life. We all deserve a second chance in life, here's yours.

The chance I'm offering you is a chance to open your own business. Your the boss and how far you go is up to you. So how do you start your own business? Join Wealthy Affiliate University and you'll learn all you need to know to start your own business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

"Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success."  In Short Wealthy Affiliate is an online school that can help you to succeed. I've been with Wealthy Affiliate since may 5, 2015. In that short amount of time I have learned a lot. I went from a newbie to an Affiliate Marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing exactly?

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell is promoting other peoples or maybe your own product on your website or blog. While Affiliate Marketing is not easy it is mainly residual income. What I mean is that one great blog post could pay you through out the rest of your life without you doing much.

I'm not saying you can earn well with Affiliate Marketing without doing much work. Affiliate Marketing requires work and time like every successful business. In my opinion any company that says you can earn a lot of money without doing much work is a scam. Stay away from those. If you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate checkout my profile here 

I honestly want to say thanks for reading my blog. I currently have 281 likes! Thank you so much for that. I look forward to posting more thought provoking posts. I want to help you through my life. Learn from my mistakes. Don't stay in a job you hate life is too short. Love your job, love your life.
Take care of yourself. Have a blessed day everyone. Bye! Bye!