Life Is A Choice, Death Is A Promise!

As I walk through the two black curtains.
My stomach begins to churn from the anticipation that something ominous is straight ahead.
As clearly stated by the black curtains that seemingly clung to my waist as if to stop me from going any further.
I some how kept myself together as I continue down the narrow pathway.
Then there stood this royal blue coffin.
I barely made it to see what was inside as my legs was threatening to give way any seconds now as if it could no longer hold my weight.
Nevertheless I was able to see what was inside the coffin.
I gasp as I could not catch my breath.
It was me that was inside.
Then suddenly my legs gave way.
I fell on my knees and begin to cry.
Tears begin to litter the floor as I continue to cry.
The tears on the floor begin to attach themselves and form a big circle with a blue light coming through it.
I look closer and saw my life flash right before my eyes.
I saw so much regrets.
The college I never graduated.
The boy I never kissed because I thought he was to good for me.
The prom I never attended because my dress was not pretty enough.
The business that was never created because I was to scared to see it through.
And finally I was shocked to see how beautiful I truly was.
My dreadlocks hung beautifully down my back.
My face so innocent even though I've seen far too much in my short life.
My lips a perfect size for kissing.
Then suddenly I looked up at myself and smiled.
Seize the day my lovely.
Dance like no one is watching.
Laugh like your lungs go on infinitely.
Sing your great big heart out.
And finally live like to day is your last.
Then suddenly I woken up.
My checks flush.
I'm still gasping for some air.
Then a voice in my head kept repeating these words.
"Don't dream your life live your dream."

This poem is dedicated to my freind Jackie Ojo, Patricia Principe and to all who has lost their life.

In Memorandum: Jackie OJo

Hello Everyone!

Recently one of my co-workers has died. Although towards the end we weren't that close It was still very sad to hear about her passing. Our time here on earth is limited, we should try to make the most of our time here on earth.What brought this epiphany home for me was my own life experiences.

For instance I just got back from my daily walks when I came across my freind Jimmy. He told me that our mutual friends cousin has died and my freind is going to his funeral today. Needless to say I was saddened to hear about his lost. Then I went to my house where my boyfriend told me my co-worker Jackie Ojo has passed. Needless to say I was saddened by the news. Then I learned her death was due to a stroke. This blog is a memoriam to her as well as my freind Patricia Principe who die on February 25, 2014. They both were 55 years old at the time of there death.  May they finally be at peace with themselves. Below are two statistical information of how many people die each day I believe this will open your eyes to how fragile life truly is.

                                                                      Jackie Ojo

                                                              Patricia Principe

Death is all around us everyday, every second someone has lost their life. "Live today  like tomorrow is not promised because it's not."
Life Is A Choice, Death Is A Promise!
* 1.78 deaths per second 
* 107 deaths per minute 
* 6,390 deaths per hour 
* 153,000 deaths per day 
* 56.0 million deaths per year 
* 3.9 billion deaths per average lifetime (70 years) 
               Thank you yahoo answers

Deaths Per
Per Year 56,000,000
Per Month 4,679,452.00
Per Day 153,424.70
Per Hour 6,392.70
Per Minute 106.60
Per Second 1.80

Read more: World Death Clock | Medindia


                   Carpe Diem Seize The Day


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