Unexpected Love Our Story

You came into my life so unexpectedly.
With just a touch of some keys and a quake smile here and there.
You turned my whole world upside down.
At times it take me a while to get my bearings.
In which you take my hands and lead me straight to your heart.
Since we've started I don't want it to end baby.
Although this roller coaster ride is filled with a lot of twists and turns.
You are worth the ride. Lets ride into the sunset and leave our pasts behind darling.
All that matters is me and you, I'm yours you are mine.
Till the end of time, forevermore, forever yours, je taime.
Je taime, je taime, je taime, je taime, je taime,  je taime.
Was what you said unto me then you kissed my soft lips.
Your kiss set my soul on fire.
Your touch makes me feel alive and lets me know you will always be there.
Then you took me to the sofa and we made sweet love.
You were inside of me as it should be forever.
Forever is such a very long time it has no end.
Lets never end.
I'm yours.
Your mine.