A Franchy Update!

Hello Everyone!

I'ts been a while hasn't it? Yes indeed! You don't have to ask of course I've missed you.
The reason I was gone for so long was because I had to get somethings in my life corrected. You cannot write a blog unless your mind is clear and protected.

Now that my mind is clear I'm Back. That means more posts on a regular basis, more me. I have a lot going on in my life, and I want to share it with you.

One aspect of my life I wanted to share with you is my weight loss. I 'm happy to say I lost some wight. I still have some more to lose but I'm happy where I'm now. Don't give up you can be at your own comfortable weight. Here are some pictures to acquaint you with my story:

            Additionally I'm going to be working more on my YouTube channel.                                          Adding more videos stay tune for that. For instance here is a video about my weight loss.

Lastly I just wanted to say thank for taking your time to look through my web-site. Since myearninglifegog82 debuted on January 27, 2013 you have been there sharing my life one word at a time. You've seen me grown as a writer and as a women. Myearninglifegog82 is about to be going through another transformation. I don't want to ruin the surprise so I wont say exactly what I will be doing. However I will say that you will enjoy the new and improve myearninglifegog82 stay tune. I want to hear from you as well. What do you think leave your thoughts in the comment section below? 

Thank You All For Reading My Blog!