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Hello All!

Today I wanted to share with you something very dear and close to my heart, my country Haiti. Many people knows Haiti as a very poor country on the western hemisphere. However I just know Haiti as my beautiful country. Haiti's beauty is not known by many, many people just knows Haiti as a poor,very poor country. Yes Haiti is poor but are Haitians to blame for this problem?

Haitian Problems 

Yes many Haitians have problems! Who doesn't have problems? I certainly do have a lot of problems.  Poor country, deforestation, bad government, etc..... just to name a few problems many Haitians face. Are these problems the fault of Haiti alone? I think Haiti is at fault for some of their problems. For example, their deforestation problems, as Haitians cut trees to make charcoal and build new businesses. I'm happy to say that Haiti is working on their deforestation problems. What about Haiti's other problems? The problems I'm referring to is strong dangerous storms. There are two storms in Haiti I will always remember the earth quake of 2010 and hurricane Mathew. In both storms many people lost their life and a lot of rebuilding is required. Those two disastrous storms were not Haiti fault. It was also not Haiti fault that all the money went to the wrong hands. Lets pray for Haiti to rise again

Haiti Will Rise Again

I have hope in my heart that Haiti will rise again. That we will be able to stand on our own two feet and wave our flags up proudly to the sky. Yes Haiti will rise again and it will be the most beautiful site. In anticipation of Haiti rising again I will be creating a site to celebrate Haiti's rejuvenation. Frans Haiti Rise Again will be a testament of the will to survive and still rise.

Similarly will continue to rise. I promise you that we are here for the long hall. Entertaining you while giving you the necessary information to live your best life. Its your life make the most of it while you still have time. "Time is your most valuable" resource don't waste it! Comment below and lets us know what you are doing with your time now.

Below Are Some Beautiful Pictures Of Haiti:

My Home, My Life Ayiti Cheri


Getting To Know Me One Franchy Moment At                                    Time



  1. Wow my friend francesca I'm moved by your article, for someone who doesn't really know Haïti, specifically that really doesn't live its reality I congratulate you.
    Because the way you talk about him is like one you lived there and you know its reality.
    You prove that you are a great lady,
    An outstanding patriot worthy of being a Haïtien. Let me advice you something, I already know it by means of your article you're not like that, no matter what happenes always so proud to be Haïtien.

    1. Hello Rodney!

      Yes I'm very proud to be Haitien, we've been through a lot and yet we still stand. I'm very happy that my article moved you Rodney, that makes me feel that my hard work is paying off. I want people to be aware of the real Haiti and know that our struggles will not paralyze us and we will rise again.

      Thank you so much, I'm happy that my article was articulate and that I represent all Haitiens. There are many types of Haitiens all of us need a voice. I'm very happy that I heard your voice today Rodney. Your voice was an eye opener and was very pleasant. I hope you stop by very soon, bye be blessed!


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