Franchy For President 2020?

Good Day All!

I truly hope you all are having a good day. Some of you might say since the events of Nov 8, 2016 that is impossible. The occasion I'm referring to is Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States.

That's right you heard me right Donald Trump is the president of the United States. If you are  surprised about the previous election, you are not alone. Many people can not wrap their minds around the idea that trump is the leader of  United States, nevertheless he is.

When I awake the next day I was welcomed by a bunch of funny memes about Donald Trump. Needless to say I was very entertained. The bottom line is I think it is time to move on, Trump is president. Some of us may not be happy, let's hope for the best. As a African American I know with Trump things can become harder, I'm up for the challenge. With that say I have listed several ways to help relieve the tension caused by the election.

        My Frantastic Stress Reliever:
  1. Go to the gym. Use your frustration about the election to shape the body you deserve. If you need to place trump face on your punching bag if it will make the workout more effective then do so.
  2. Don't be so bitter instead make plans to run to become the president, I mean really if trump is president that means everyone is fair game.
  3. I just heard that in light of trump winning the airlines are being very sympathetic and making flight very cheap. As a matter of fact I heard if you buy your tickets before Monday you only have to pay $150 (yeah right we wish lol).
  4. There is one good news that came out of trump winning the election. You no longer need experience to get a job, since our president have no experience at all.
  5. Another good thing that happened with this election is that houses and apartments are now a lot cheaper since there are nobody here to live in them.
I Guess Majority Of Americans Were All Wrong About Trump. Trump Truly Change America It Doesn't Matter If It's For The Worst Right?

I'll Like To Announce I Will Be Running For President For 2020 Look Out For That.

I Hope The Above Put A Smile On Your Face Instead Of Offending You. It Could've Been A lot Worse I Could've Told You My Hat Joke. 


  1. Hi francesca seriously I like a lot your this article it make me laughed...
    You right even in the dream, nobody were never thought Trump, yes Donald trump become the 45th president of US wow.
    Anyway he is, and he will stay for the last 5 years it will come and nobody can't change nothing in that
    Just like Hilary said together we will go working.
    And for the people stress let me tell you something it's not every day we have to win, sometime we have to lose to learn something. The victory is not mean always win. congratulation for this article.

    1. Hello Rodney!

      Yes Trump winning this election was a huge surprise for everyone. I truly thought Hillary would win this election. At last Trump is president all we can do is hope for the best. Yes you're right Rodney sometimes you got to lose to learn a valuable lesson. Indeed winning does not always mean you win.

      Thank you Rodney I'm glad I made you laugh. I think this election is making some of us very stress, I wanted to make people laugh and to take some of the edge off. too much hate going on we need some love.

      Thank you so much,

    2. Thank you Rodney for all of the encouragement. Hope to see you soon.


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