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Today I wanted to talk about a issue that affects many African American women. What I'm referring to is that many black American women don't wear their hair natural. Why Is that, is their something wrong with black hair? Is every other race hair better than African American hair? I think "black hair" is beautiful. Additionally I don't think that every other race hair is better than our hair. I myself put my hair in dreads their two years and eight months old. Contrastingly many black women wear weave or straighten their hair. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with unnatural hair, after all it is your hair you can comb it as you please. However does our hair show an underlying deep rooted hate of our black heritage?

Many black women's hair are "nappy", which means our hair is thick, puffy, coily-kinky. I think that is a beautiful hair. Its strong resistant just like blacks have to be to live in this world. For many people your hair says a lot about you. So what does it say if you are dark skin and have blond hair and blue eyes? Yes at first glance it's just a hair style but you can't tell me you love your hair and you keep hiding it under this blond wig. Yes you wearing that blond wig shows an underlying feeling towards your race, you might not even realize that. Many businesses are thriving on black women's insecurities, yes they make a lot of money.

"Marketing firms have valued the Black haircare industry at $774 million." Yes black women spend a lot of many changing their hair. I was guilty of spending a lot of money changing my hair. For instance I started perming my hair at eleven years old and did so until I was thirty years old. That is almost twenty years of my life that I didn't wear my real hair that's sad.

When I truly think about how many time I put that chemical in my hair I'm sad. Who told me my hair wasn't beautiful, that I had to spend a lot of money and time changing my hair? I'm not trying to judge anyone, but ask yourself why do you spend so much money not accepting your hair? Please comment below with your answers, also comment your opinions I want to know what you think. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Hi my friend francesca again you come with a beautiful subject bravo.
    The African American women never wanna stay with theirself they are always want to look like someone or to correct their creator. I like better that they African American women stay with their identity. they have a beautiful air but they don't realize that because they are too want look with the white people. Let me counselor you something like you are lady you are very beautiful with air your akin and your beauty please take conscious of yourself, if you did to make men love you so be yourself because we men we like natural laddy.
    Francesca I congratulate for your choices subject.


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