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                 Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everybody Happy Thanksgiving. Yes we here in the United States are in the holiday spirit. Tis the season to be thankful. I don't know about you, I'm thankful all year round. Everywhere I look I see I'm very fortunate. Yes fortunate to see another day, thank you God.Yes we are all trully blessed even if we ourselves can't see that. Hance this lovely short story, enjoy.

Outside, positioned by an open window.

Image result for happy thanksgivingI hear a lot of laughter, creating the joyous tune I have never heard before.

I see a little girl placed on her grandpas lap who is overtaken with a lot of hugs and  kisses.

I smile mimicking the smile on the little girl's face, my own little arms seemingly reaching towards the open window.

I moved to the next window there was a women in there, she was frantically cooking.

The aroma from the food was amazing, my mouth was watering at just the thought of eating these delicious food.

I looked at the table it was being prepared by a teenage girl, her long blond hair flying all over the place as she prepared the table.

Suddenly I heard a piano, I slowly walked over to the third window.

On the piano was a young boy but the joyous tune he was playing didn't match his own demeanor. Whats wrong I thought?

I turned around getting ready to leave, when I saw the little boy suddenly appear in front of me.

Whats wrong is that I can't see that I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm upset because mom won't let dad give me karate lessons just yet.

I looked at the boy closely and realize it was me. I was the little boy and this was my family.

It's funny when you can't see exactly what you've been blessed with. We all are blessed and have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thomas, Thomas wake up my mom said shaking me awake. Good morning mom. Good morning son,

it's Thanksgiving get ready and help us downstairs dad has something to do with your name on it.

I reached up and  hugged her tightly, what's that for? Oh nothing just that I love you, I love you too baby.

Did you enjoyed the story? I certainly did, it teaches us an important lesson about life. So many times in our life we don't realize what we have. We think everybody else have a better life than us. That's not true we all have something to be thankful for. What do you have to be thankful for this thanksgiving, comment below and let us know? I hope everyone is having a great day, bye my friends.

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  1. Hi I never get chance to live veey well a thanks giving b because I used to work for my second thanks giving in USA but . I saw that the most beautiful Holliday in USA the better time to make familly United.
    I saw everyone was together, enjoy full,eat passionate.that a beautiful Holliday at work too that the day you saw all of us smile laugh alot but so busy too . but anyway that a good moment my great wish that on day on day I will get part in a party thanks giving.


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