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Hi Everybody!

Fran here, with your frantastic entertainment earning, because making extra money online is always entertaining. I wanted to write about something new that I've been trying. "Whatchu talkin about Fran?" I'm talking about online shopping. Online shopping havent been on my to do list for like forever. You know I'm an old fashion kind of gail I prefer shopping in person. However recently I've been getting gift cards that you can only use online, so I thought I would go on an adventure and do some shopping online.

So what did I discover on my new adventure? Well I discovered that shopping online is just as fun online with the added bonus of cash back. Yes there are companies that will give you cash back for shopping with them. I don't know about you but I can't think of a better way of earning my life then by doing something I absolutely love, shopping. Although there are credit cards that offer cash back I find shopping and earning with a company is less of a hassle. For instance you don't have to worry about any hidden fees.

In this article I'm only going to talk about shopping life hacks to stay in the know. In another blog post I will talk about different sites that pays you money to shop. Below are my frantastic shopping life hacks.

       Franchy's Frantastic Shopping Life Hacks:

  1. No dress code- Although you could be shopping for the latest fashion there is no need to be well dressed, for there is no online shopping police. You can wear any suit that you want, as a matter of fact the only suit I recommend for your online shopping is your birthday suit. 
  2. Shopaholics are 100% welcome-  In order to find the best deals online you need to shop around the web. So being a shopaholic can do you a lot of good just be on the lookout for scam shops.
  3. We are ready when you are- One thing about shopping online that I love is you can shop at anytime you please. You don't have to worry about the shop closing too early. However just be sure to pay close attention to when special deals are available. You don't want to miss a chance to put extra cash in your pocket.
  4. Be in love with yourself-  Love your self, know yourself. With online shopping it helps knowing your exact size because you obviously can't try on the clothes. For me personally I don't buy my jeans online because I have to try them on in order to see if they fit me.
  5. Subscribe if you like- Subscribe to your favorite companies that way you can be in the know of all the special sales that they have available. It can be quite useful if you are on a budget or if you enjoy sales from time to time.

Now I anoint thee a online shopper go ahead and spread your wings wherever you can find deals. With online shopping it's never too late to shop. So grab your favorite cup of coffee and wrap your body around your favorite comforter, get comfortable it's going to be a long night or day wherever you are in the world. Have any questions or just want to speak your mind comment below. I hope you day or night is great see you next time, bye.


  1. Hi francesca if I have possibility I will do shopping all my life because I like it but only one thing when the products you buy get a mistakes to change it they toke too much time to change it for you. But after that I will prefer shopping online.

  2. Hi Rodney!

    I'm so happy you're enjoy shopping online, I'm enjoying shopping online too. I find shopping online to be very convenient, though I haven't completely giving up on shopping in person. There is just something about being at a physical store that I'm not ready to give up on.

    I'm sorry to hear about the store taking to long to replace your special item. Did you contact them about the issue? I hope in the future you get your shopping just right. Thank you so much for stopping by, hope to see you soon.


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