2016 A Franchy Christmas Story Part 1


How is everyone? I hope everyone is okay as we approach the the end of the year. That's right it is almost 2017 I can't believe 2016 came and went, Christmas 2016 is just right around the corner. Today as I pen this article I only have you in mind. I wanted to wish you the best Christmas you could possibly have. Furthermore I wanted to tell you all I appreciate you being here with me since 2013, that's 3 years of support from you all thank you. May myearninglifegog82.com have many more years to entertain you while helping to you earn.

So what to expect next year? Next year I expect to grow myearninglifegog82.com and I will do it with your help, because I can't do it without you all. I really appreciate you all, thank you again. below I have written a short story to help bring you into the new year.

                         A Franchy Christmas Story

An old woman lay peacefully on her bed as a loud knock came from her frail door.

Who could it be she thought annoyingly rolling her eyes, it's Christmas everyone is out with their families.

Well everyone except me she said with a hint of sadness in her voice, maybe if I ignore the knock the person will go away.

The person knocked again this time more forcibly. Alright, alright she said slowly making it to her door.

She flown the door open, now what do you want she said visibly angry. She look down to her surprise
 it was a little girl smiling.

Merry Christmas she said with the most brightest smile. Merry Christmas honey the old lady said slowly, as she stare incredulously.

There was something strange about that little girl. For instance she was floating on air and she looked just like me when I was younger.

As if she could read my mind the little girl said that's right Doreen I was you. I come here today because you have forgotten the true joy of Christmas.

Before the elder women could protest the little girl twirl around and then all you could see was a white snowy mist.

                       To Be Continued