2016 A Franchy Christmas Story Part 2

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Earning your life is an everlasting year round commitment to a better you. As we approach 2017 I wish from the bottom of my heart that is the year you will reach your full potential and you live your life. Life is short there aren't enough hours in the day for you to really show how much you love everything this world have to offer. This world is vast with many more things that are invisible to our human eyes. Don't be blind to your capability of making your dreams come true, "don't dream your life live your dream." Remember to dream big, dream often till your very last breath. Below is the continuation of "2016 A Franchy Christmas Story Part 1" sit back and relax as myearninglifegog82.com brings you dancing into the New Year.

                    A Franchy Christmas Story

Before the elder women could protest the little girl twirl around and then all you could see was a white snowy mist. The snow slowly dissipated and I now could see a family. They all sitted in this lovely green and red room with Christmas leaving its mark all over this beautiful gigantic room. Then suddenly a little girl wheeled her way into the room, I was shocked to see that little girl was me. The little girl wheeled right next to me and looked at me directly in the eyes while everyone else seemed to be in  a trance. She said with a quiet voice this was you, remember one day santa gave you the best Christmas ever, new legs? That was Christmas of 1972 you were ten years old that Christmas morning you could feel your legs and you were able to slide them of the bed and stand on your own two feet. Your story made it to the front page news titled a Christmas miracle. Now look at you you still stand on your own two feet but you lost the miracle. With that the little girl slowly disappear behind a white snowy mist.

When the snow dissipate this time I was in a dorm room. The room again was mark with the spirit of christmas. On the bed was a man and a woman, the man was repeatedly hitting the women and penetrating her violently. Then I heard a prayer to god to help her. Wait a minute that voice sounds familiar I look on in horror the woman was me I was  getting raped. God can't help you now, so do us both the favor and shut up said the male as he continue to hit her. I ran to the bed and cried softly as I tried to push the guy off. When suddenly the door flew open. two cops stepped into the room with guns and arrested the man and took him away while the women slowly disappear behind a snowy mist. With that I looked at the door to see a young woman approached me and I could clearly see she was me in my early twenties. She said Doreen when he raped you he stole your miracle that I have given you on christmas of 72, again she disappeared behind the snowy mist.

This time when the snow disappeared I was back in my mansion, I was laying on my bed again. I woke up suddenly looking around for I feel something ominous was near. I was right the little girl was sitting on the edge of my bed. She turned her head and looked directly at me. Doreen she said happy New Year, look at you you've developed into a women you could only dream of. You have more wealth than you know what you can do with. However no amount of wealth could keep your low self esteem at bay. It was your low self esteem that caused you to see that your expensive well made door as frail. Furthermore it's your low self esteem that caused you to be alone in this big beautiful mansion. You let him raped out your self love that I have given you a couple of Christmas ago when you were ten years old. Now you lay dieing alone in this room when you supposed to be getting started in a new beginning. All of a sudden I feel my breath become shallow, and everything around me is becoming dark. The little girl said RIP Doreen.

May all who lost their life on 2016 finally be at peace. A special farewell to my freind Jackie Ojo may all her problems slowly dissipate like the snow from this lovely story. 

I hope you enjoyed my vlogmas story time. Letting people affect your self esteem is never a good idea In the end you only have only yourself to answer to. If you've read my other blog loseweightanfeelgreatwithfran.com you are familair with with my struggle of putting peoples thoughts above my own. No one's opinion about you should come above yours. You thoughts should always come first. Love you, be perfectly imperfect you. Additionally money doesn't buy happiness, only you can make the choice to be happy. May 2017 be the year that you love yourself completely for only then can you truly live your life to the fullest. Have a very Happy New Year from your local blogger Franchy!    


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