Lost Love, A Daughter Story

Hello my online fam!💗💕💖

How are you this beautiful night? Me to be honest I haven't been that great, that awesome. Since you know this entire blog is about me living my life, so graciously I share a part of me with you. As of late I've been thinking about getting pregnant and having my very own family. Me thinking about becoming a mommy has made me think about my own relationship with my own mother.

My mother's name is Marie Noel, and growing up I didn't call her mommy. That shows you how not close we truly are. To top it of we have nothing in common we don't even look like mother and daughter. For instance I remember when I was in my twenties my boyfriend speak to me on the side and ask if I was adopted. However what really brings it home for me is that she stole money from me, how can a mother steal from her very own child? If you want to know more about our broken relationship click here.


I know what you're thinking Is this whole blog gonna be about me complaining about my mother? No this blog is not going to be about my mother, there is no need to reopen old wounds. Instead I'm going to be talking about my need to find my father's side of the family. My father died when I was 2 years old I believe. Growing up my mother never discussed much about him, the only exception was that one time out of the the blue she mentioned my grandfather was spanish. So does that mean I'm part spanish? Recently I find another shocking information about my father. Finding this recent information have made me realize my mother is keeping certain things away from me and my sister.

What do I need from you?

As you read this if you have any information about my mother Marie Maude Noel and my father Jean Joseph Etheart please email me at francesca_etheart@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your help.