2017 Franchy's Hair Anniversary


So it is February 28, 2017, what does that date mean? It is my hair anniversary! My dreadlocks were created on March 9, 2014, they will be 3 years old next month. I'm so excited it seems like just yesterday I decided to grow my hair into dreadlocks. Since then they have grown to a considerable length. I'm so pleased to finally get my hair to be the length I want. Do I have any regrets about turning my hair into dreadlocks?

Absolutely not, I love my dreadlocks. Although some people believe I looked better without dreadlocks, I don't agree I really think the dreadlocks have grown with me. I have grown into a more confident women who is much more sure of herself. Truly loving myself wasn't an easy task by any means, I've had to fall and get up several times in my life like each strand that falls lightly on my shoulders. As my previous sentences affirm hair is more than hair it's your life. Do you agree? Is your hair link in anyway to how you live your life, or is your hair just dead weight?


I definitely don't think hair is dead weight. Hair can be used to give vital information about you. For instance when the police want to know about long term drug use they look at your hair. Additionally If you want to know the race of someone you can also find that diversifying information by studying a person's hair. So your hair have to do with more than how you look, it's part of your history. In honour of my hair's Anniversary I will tell you a bit about my history.

                   Franchy's Funhis
                          Who's that girl

Date of birth- 1982
Right size- 10
Eight is part of my size- 38
Age is not a limit- 34 years
Date for the first time at- 16

Laughing is for everyone- 0-100+
I created this blog on - January 27
For the year of 2013- 4 years ago
Ended my poor care of hair on- 2017 February

I hope you enjoyed my Funhis which is basically fun facts about me Franchy. As you read this web-blog you will find I'm very sincere and open with you. I want you to be my bestie and get to know me one article at a time. I hope you really enjoyed your time here sharing my life. Come back next time for another well thought out article. Love 💓 you bye!