Franchy Say's Believe In Yourself

"Believe in Yourself."
That is a word I hear quite often but I never listen.
Instead the voices of my self doubt are continuously signing a sad song.
Can't, stupid, ugly, failure are embedded in my brain like a needle that embed itself into the user's vein controlling it victim every move. 
You are not in control, everyone have taking the needle in you arm and is pinching you with the needle like a voodoo doll.

Then one day you finally wake up.
You walk over to the mirror.
To your surprise your reflection is smiling at you.
Hi beautiful it said.
It's another beautiful day full of promise.
However today is not promise neither is tomorrow.
Because you see as you sleep your broken heart failed you.
I look at my bed there laid my perfectly imperfect body.

I walked over to my body I was amazed by my natural beauty.
I looked so peaceful, at last no more pain.
I gently stroke my brown dreadlocks, and caressed my cold pale face. 
Then suddenly her eyes open, and we locked eyes.
Her soft red lips slowly open and she mouthed.
Don't dream your life, live your dream.
"Believe in yourself."

If you currently are suffering from depression and self doubt know that you are beautiful and capable of doing everything your heart desires. "Believe in yourself"