Franchy's 90's Heaven

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Today I wanted to take you back to the music of the 90's. Imagine you are under an apple tree just laying back totally immerse in the music coming from your walkman. You imagine yourself as a backup dancer for Nsync swaying your hips perfectly to match the rhythm of their soulful beats.

I simply love music, music is always my go to for everything. For instance if I'm having a bad day I just turn on my iPad and all my stress just melt away. Back in my high school days I would listen to music all the time. I would finished my homework and turn on TRL (remember those days) back then it was all about Backstreet Boys and Nsync.The year was 1997 and I was 14 years old so young and innocent. I was still waiting to get my first kiss from prince charming and pregnancy was the farthest from my mind as I was a virgin.

Besides Nsync and Backstreet Boys there was Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Nirvana, Green Day, Sinead O'Connor and many more.What is it about music that we love so much? One thing that I love about music is how it speaks to my my heart. If you know me you know I'm a hopeless romantic. When a romantic song comes on my heart skips a beat and I let the song take my heart wherever it wants to go. For example, My Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. That is my favorite song of all time it is simply beautiful and it speaks volume to my heart.

Another fun fact about 90's music is that they are very nostalgic. Its like you are in a time machine of the best moments of your life. There's just something about music that take you to your special place, a moment in time when everything was perfect and simple. For instance I remember I was on facebook Francesca Etheart I was going through my news feed when I saw a video of the music of the 90s have turned 20 I remember thinking geesh how old am I? Mind you when these songs came out I was 14, 15 years old, yes time flies and flies never giving you the opportunity to catch up!

Sometimes all you need to do is catch up. Imagine you are 78 years old and one of your grandkids brings you your old wedding album when you were only 22 years old. You flip through some of the pages and you see a beautiful redhead smiling back at you. You try to catch up with your 20's but you can't recall  any of your pictures. Then your granddaughter begins signing your wedding song and you find yourself at a time machine where memories are flying everywhere. "Music can be such a powerful memory aid, it can even help bring dementia patients back to themselves." Dementia is deliberating disease that often leave its victim confuse and depressed. If you have Dementia get the support you need visit here.

With that said I hope you enjoyed our little trip back to memory lane. I loved sharing a part of me with you, music will always be an enjoyable part of my life. Do you have a memorable story of the 90's, we would love to hear it comment below? Thank you again for joining me, see you next time, bye.