2022 Franchys Self Love And Earning Every Breath That You Take.

"I'm a bit frustrated with the scale which has given me a renewed motivation to get on my treadmill which is directly below the window. I quickly grabbed my iPad and turn on Youtube, I quickly click on my music playlist and start the treadmill my exercise has begun for the day."

Oh if it was always that easy ya? Hi Lovelies how are you doing this beautiful lovely morning in Tinsel Town? I'm doing all right hope you are doing great too. Ya, I started my self-love journey back on November 1, 2016. I was not any longer comfortable with my perfectly imperfect body. At my heaviest, I was 173 pounds and I stand at 5'5. 

Back then everyone just kept saying to me to lose weight and kept telling me how much better I looked when I was skinnier. With my low self-esteem, I believed them and felt great shame for putting on the weight. When they talked to me it was as if they were asking me to apologize for becoming bigger.

Then a wonderful beautiful occurrence happened. I created my blog looking great at your weight. This along with this website are sweet pieces of me inspiring you to truly madly deeply live your very best life. Ya, I write to inspire Lovelies. Additionally, I want you all to know you are not alone in this perfectly imperfect world. I remember when I was being body shamed by people I felt so alone. I created my site back then to help others going through the same thing. In contrast, This weblog is all about my love of writing and sharing the ways I earn every breath that I take. 

With the daily dose on both of my blogs, both of my beautiful dreams are together at last. On that note will be back with our sweet daily dose shortly. I just wanted to share different contents with you all. I truly madly deeply hope you enjoyed yourselves in our sweet home. Without you, there is no love. I wouldn't be here without you all. I love you.


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