2017 Franchy's Aunty Flows Survival Period

πŸ”ˆπŸ‘€Warning Women Issues Sensitive Discussion!!!!πŸ‘€

Hello Everyone!πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’Ÿ

Today I wanted to talk about personal issues that I go through in my life. The topics in this blog are of sensitive issues so if you don't want to get too personal with me I advise you check out my other frantastic posts.

Todays discussion is going to be on period and surviving our monthly freind ladies. Ladies we all know that feeling of bloating, cramps, fatigue, irritability etc..... That pain is a substitution for nine months of growing another human being. If you are involve in a sexual relationship your period is a God sent and it tells you that you are not pregnant. Today I just watched a video of a women giving birth to her new baby. Shout out to all the mothers viewing my blog, you're all amazing. This month and every month was created to show how strong and beautiful you are. As I'm in my mid thirties I'm thinking about getting pregnant and yes starting my own family, however not just yet. Until then my monthly bestest freind will continue to visit me to give me an ever "subtle" reminded that my "biological clock is ticking."

Laugh out loud there is nothing subtle about the symptoms of your monthly friend, seriously she wants you to know she is in the house. Ask any women and they will  tell you about the unpleasantness of being a women. A women is more than just wearing a bra and dress. Being a women means every month taking precautions to not ruin your brand new jeans, and wondering ways to be sexy for bae while looking like you are thee months pregnant. Yes guys it's difficult being a women so cut us some slacks when we lash out (often for no reason at all) at you during our special monthly harvest. In anticipation of your friends next visit I have written down a couple of period survival tibbits design to make you comfortable and dry as ever.

                                Franchy's Aunty Flows Survival Period

  • One of my worst symptoms from my period is the bloating. Yes it gets really bad that I look like I'm pregnant. If you need relief from the bloat drink lots of water and tea to help stabilize
    the fluid retention. Also watch your salt intake because too much salt during that time of the month isn't cool.
  • Growing up I would get really bad cramps that I could barely function. If you are low on cash and need fast relief without breaking the bank. What you do is get an empty plastic bottle and fill it up with hot water and put it on your stomach. Hope it helps with the pain.
  • Two days before your period I suggest you prepare yourself by putting tampons and pads in your bag, "better safe than sorry."
  • Exercise the bloat away and let the endorphins put you in your best mood. In my experience exercise helps regulate me. For instance my cramps aren't that bad anymore I can function somewhat. However I don't know if exercising will also take away your cramps, it's worth a try right?
  • Last but certainly not least track your period and avoid any unnecessary surprises from aunty flow. Right now I've been tracking my period with EVe. Eve is an app that helps you keep track of your period additionally giving you helpful tips to help you deal better. I got Eve because I wanted to be more in control of my body, that's one of the only time I don't like surprises.

I hope my above suggestions makes your next Auty flow visit a much better experience. Always know you are not alone somewhere around the world another women is going through the same thing. Do you have your own special way of handling Aunty flow and putting her on a timeout, comment below and share your thoughts? I hope your coming days are very enjoyable and eventful, thanks for joining me here.


                           Bye πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’Ÿ