2017 Sex Sales But Are You Buying?


Today I wanted to talk about a taboo way of earning your life. First off let me just say money is green no matter your profession. The doctor and the house maid make the same kind of money it's just the amount of money they get that varies. Let me be clear that Fran Online Business INC is not about putting some people down because of the way they make a living. For instance I'm a blogger I don't look down on anyone who still works for someone else. Likewise I don't look down at sexworkers.


What exactly is a sexworker? "sex worker is a person who is employed in the sexindustry." Watching YouTube I've seen a couple of women who are sex workers as their YouTube job don't pay them enough to take care of all their bills. I can definitely relate sometimes you need a more stable income and you don't want to work a 9 to 5. I believe all of us on this planet contribute to the wellness of this earth. For instance some babies grow up to be doctors while others grow up to be criminals nonetheless we all make this earth what it is today.

In my blog I want everyone to feel comfortable on earning their life. In my life I strive to understand rather than judge. Likewise I want you to understand sexworkers rather then judge them for their work. So my next blog will delve deeper into the life of a sexworker. Since I want to discuss all the ways of earning your life I'm by no means promoting sexwork. Stay tune for part 2, if you are a sexworker feel free to tell us your experience in the comment section below. Have a great week, love you.