Being Black But Not Actually Black

Hello There!

I thought I would write about my ethnicity as I see people from all over the world visit my websites. I thought I would tell you guys a bit about where I come from. As you Read my articles you see that I'm Black, I was very hesitant on writing this blog. I mean I'm just another black girl nothing special right? Wrong,yes I may not be mixed with half the world but I still have a story to tell!! Yes I'm black but not actually black, you may be thinking what in the world could I possibly mean?

I have no idea what I mean either, I actually was hoping you could tell me. Laugh out loud I'm just joking, what I mean is that being black comes with a predetermine life that I can't relate with not to mention no one is actually black. For instance people think black people have a certain mindset and a certain lengo about them. While some black people may fit into that category but what happens to the rest of us? My family jokingly calls me whitey, my friends commented that I sound British and it seems like I was raised by a white family. When people say that to me I don't understand what they mean, to me I'm just another black girl. I mean certainly I don't fit into a box with all black people, I've had different experiences, I've been through different things in my life. According to the Urban Dictionary black is "a race - The black race can range from African american to polynesian." 

A pretty black girl <3

Who Cares 💖💕💖💗💞💝💟❓

The real reason that I wrote this blog is to make my point race is too much an issue. I'm not actually going to sit here and write a whole blog about my race. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what my race is, yes I'm black but not actually black. I love long walks. I scream spanish obscenities when I'm mad. My hair now reach down my back. I love when I run and I feel my long hair floating behind me. I love tanning naturally under the sun's blessful warmth. Awesome is one of my favorite words, then comes seriously. I'm sure you all have questions you are dying to ask me. To get the answers to those burning questions you must want to ask me please read on.
White <3

Black <3

Ask Franchy:

What are you?
Ahhh I'm mostly human.

Where are you from?
The planet earth, wait I mate be from Mars that's where they say most women are from (just joking guys).

Why is your hair two different colors it kinda looks green?
I have no idea why.

You have nice hair are you mix?
Wait so are you trying to tell me black people can't have nice hair? 

Are you British?
No I'm Haitian, I have no idea why I sound British.

I hope I answer all the questions you were dying to ask me, if I missed one comment your questions below. Side note yes I know your race is needed in certain instances I just ask not to make it so important that it becomes all that matters. We all bleed and look the same on the inside, we all are human. Yes we have differences that's what makes us beautiful. I love you all the same. Have a bless week, make every breath that you take count. 



  1. I have found out my perfectly imperfect ethnicity after taking a DNA test. I'm 10 different ethnicities and basically almost cover the world. I'm 73.90% black and 26.10% white and other. So, I'm indeed black but not actually black who knew?

  2. Yes, I finally realized I'm indeed mixed. However, I'm still black. Nothing will ever change that.


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