Pain Let's You Know You're Alive, Crying Lets You Live!

You're beautiful even though at times you feel far from that.

I see the sadness in your eyes and I wonder why you cry.

These eyes have seen so much, so much pain in your young life.

Pain as your mother I try to keep so very far away from you.

Yet inevitably pain find a way right though your heart.

Like a heart attack finding it's way to your heart after so much stress.

Stress is a silent killer it stays hidden away from doctors nosy eyes waiting for the appropriate time

For it to make an appearance.

For you it made and appearance in your young adult years.

No longer a child, yet not yet a women.

Stress of living in this cold world have made it's unwavering mark.

So one night you took a bunch of pills because you wanted the pain to go away.

My heart broke a thousand times seeing your incapacitated body.

Before it moved effervescently, so perfectly.

Now your body lay still in a red casket, your eyes open but it looked so empty.

Today I say my goodbyes.

Now you no longer feel pain.

May you rest in peace my angel.

I love you.

Franchy Say's if you need someone to talk to please visit this link or if you are old fashioned like me Call (212) 673-3000. Life is short enough don't shorten your dreams too. 💛💕