Franchy's This I Promise You.

This I promise you.
That I will always be there for you.
Hold you tight in the cold days.
Be your breath of fresh air in those hot unbearable days.
When you breath out I breath in we are one darling.

This I promise you.
The day we became one was a day I could never forget.
Laying in each others arms staring into each other's eyes.
You saw right through my lies and right into my soul.
You are and will always be my everything.

This I promise you.
I will be your morning coffee each and every day.
For eternity, not even a thousand years can suffice all the love I have for you.
Baby I can not put into words how I feel about you.
Your blue eyes tell a story that leaves me breathless and words soon become not enough.

This I promise you.
As I lay in a hospital bed with you my love.
The IV drips and breathing mask soon fades away.
Slowly your gray hair transfigure into the strawberry blond that I grew accustomed to since we were

This I promise you.
As you breath out your last breath I breath in.
I grab your hands.
We say our last I love yous.
And see you laters.
No Goodbyes.
I will see you in eternity my love.

Good night my darling.


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