2017 Why So Plastic Fran?

Hello there Lovelies!

We all have insecurities that makes us think that we are not worth it. Perhaps you are on the overweight side and don't feel as pretty as the skinny girls prancing around with short skirts. Maybe you are trying your hands at modeling but you don't feel you are as pretty as the other girls. I know all about feeling insecure and believing you are not worth it. The true problem arise when that begin affecting your life and you become unable to live your life to the fullest.

While insecurities are normal to have they shouldn't be part of the rest of your life. At some point you should work through your insecurities and love yourself unconditionally. If insecurities lingers they can transpire on your personal relationships and prevent you from living the life that you want. For example, me having a low self esteem allow me to stay in a job I can not stand for almost 1o years, additionally I got involved in a ton of bad relationships. Thank God I got over my insecurities without getting any plastic surgery. Today I wanted to discuss a disturbing trend that have become very prevalent within our society, I'm talking about plastic surgery.

Many celebrities are turning to plastic surgery to fix their perfectly imperfect bodies. However not only celebrities are going under the knife to try to achieve perfection, regular people like us are also altering their imperfections. Personally I'm not against plastic surgery if plastic surgery makes you happy there's nothing wrong with that. The problem arises when you become addicted and don't know when to stop. In this article series we will analyze different plastic surgeries people are going through and we will try to understand their constant search for perfection.

I personally think having imperfections is beautiful, it makes us stand out. No one should look the same individuality is a wonderful thing. I'm 5'5 brown skin and have shoulder length dreads I'm beautiful, you are beautiful too. If you want to improve your looks there is nothing wrong with that it is your body, your business. Please note the following articles and this one are not about shaming no one, rather I'm trying to inform you of the consequences of too much plastic surgery. Tune in next week as I go in  more depth, I love you all stay blessed!


  1. Please know you're beautiful you don't need any makeup or plastic surgery. You're perfectly imperfect and you are beautiful.


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