Perfectly Franchy's Life In Motion 2

Dear me.
There was so much I wanted to say.
Each tear that drip from your eyes slowly gathering around you, slowly incapacitating you.
With each tear I wanted you to see what beauty I see each and every single day.
You are so beautiful there just arent enough letters to put into words how much I adore you.
I do adore you, with every single guy coming round the way I tremble with anger because I know they won't do you any justice.
They just will steal your heart with just a kiss and lift of your skirt.
Nonetheless the next day I wake up to another guy inside of you.

Dear me.
Each day I look at you nothing hidden you are an open book.
You smile and the whole world seemingly become a better world full of hope.
For today you have decided to love your perfectly imperfect self no matter what.
Only now you wait for your soul mate to get deep inside you and create the  future.
This love I speak of will go on for eternity.
I love you forevermore.