2022 Mirror Mirror Of Self Love.

Hello, Lovelies!

I've looked at the mirror so many times in my lifetime. I remember one particular day when another reality suddenly appeared. The reality of which I speak of is that for the most part, we are unable to choose the way we look. With today's advances in technology, we can now choose how we look. We can alter our genetics and be part of the perfect genetic pool that is plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is one of the most profitable businesses out there. No longer just for the rich now even poor people are able to get work done on their perfectly imperfect bodies. Despite my own disdain for some of my body parts. I have always been truly madly deeply for natural beauty. I like to be all-natural. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against getting plastic surgery. If you are not happy with how you look I see nothing wrong with doing something about it. The problem lies in getting an excessive amount of work done.

Yes, excessive work can lead to body dysmorphia. Pixee Fox is a name I think about when I think about excessive plastic surgery. One Looking at her can not figure out why she would need any work done anyway in the first place. She is naturally gorgeous without any make-up. I more recently learned that she got hurt after getting one of her many plastic surgeries by a doctor that did not know what they were doing. She is currently back home working on healing her perfect imperfections. In this mini-series, I will talk about plastic surgery and my very own journey to self-love. To get more self-love frantastic posts follow me here. Stay tuned for this truly madly deeply wonderful beautiful mini-series. Have a blessed lovely day.