2017 Why So Plastic Fran? Part 2

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk about black women and women of a darker complexion. I personally think black is beautiful not just because I'm of a darker complexion but because I trully find it beautiful. It have been said many times that "black don't crack" meaning black people age well. I personally don't understand that statement however it must be true if a lot of people are saying that. If being black is so beautiful then why so many black women are going under the knife?

Many black women are changing their perfectly imperfect bodies into society's ideal perfection; long wavy hair, hourglass shape figure, and plump up perfect lips. I think I'm an attractive black women with a desirable figure. However I don't meet society's ideal beauty and that is perfectly fine. Nonetheless if I was an actress that would pose some problems, for instance It can mean the difference of getting the job or not. If you are an actress of a darker complexion a good acting gig is hard to come by. Lovelies today I will discuss about two beautiful black entertainers that went under the knife and came out a completely different version of themselves. On this article I will be writing about Lil Kim and Lark Voorhies.

Growing up I always admired Lil Kim for her brazen sexuality. She was a strong women rapper surrounded by a lot of male counterparts but she could hold her own. One thing that helped her stand out was all the crazy outfits that she would wear. However before she became a star she was just another girl trying to earn her life in Brooklyn New York. Kimberly Denise Jones took her first breath on July 11, 1974 or 1975. "The second child of Linwood Jones, a former U.S. Marine, and Ruby Jones (later Ruby Jones-Mitchell)", she also have an older brother called Christopher. Unfortunately Lil Kim is far more different than any of us could have imagined back in the 90s.

Back in the 90s Lil Kim was a brown skin beauty that was part of many young boys wet dreams. I myself am light skin and I never remember thinking that I wish my skin could be lighter. I personally don't see color to me we are all human beings find out more about my race click here. Nonetheless your race plays a large role on what people think about you. For instance many people are seeing kim's lighter complexion as a hatred of the black race. Yes these days Lil Kim can almost pass for white she have officially changed her race.

Lovelies like I said I'm not here to judge anyone I just want to understand. Unfortunately many people don't feel as I do, they feel betrayed by Lil Kim. Since Kim infamous picture in Miami there have been a big backlash on Kim's decision to change her color. When asked why she changed her color Lil Kim said she suffer from a low self esteem caused mainly by her boyfriends leaving her for lighter skinned women. I feel bothered that Lil Kim didn't see that her color was beautiful. For many years I too suffered from a low self esteem, I couldn't see my true self worth, so I can definitely relate to lil kim.

Lovelies I regret to tell you all that I simply can't finish this controversial article in one blog post. I have a lot to say on this issue, I'm certain a lot of black people have a lot to say too. Tune in next time to see what else I have to say on this versatile topic. I want to say thank you again for joining me here. I hope you enjoyed your time here, if there is something you wanted to add comment below and let us know. I love you all, have a wonderful week.