Lily Anatasia A Life Truly Worth Living.

Hi, Lovelies!

How do you do? I'm doing alright trying to live my very best life ever. Ya, right now life is ok. I'm in a new relationship am working on my dream job which is my perfectly imperfect two businesses. No everything is not as it truly should be. I have a lot of more things I would truly madly deeply love to accomplish. Nonetheless, I'm content with just being me and doing the very best that I can. At the end that is all we can do isn't it. Do the very best that we can and create our very own happily ever after.


Lovelies I missed sharing my frantastic Franchy stories with you all. Today I'm going to share the story of Lily Anatasia a German-born immigrant who came to the US for a better life. Beauties I have a big imagination I suppose that is truly madly deeply the reason I love to write. I love expressing myself. I remember being a kid and writing one of my wonderful beautiful stories in a notebook. However, none of the stories were ever published. I remember the very first time I was a published writer was when I was 12 years old after I won a writing contest. Ya, I still remember that. Then in high school again I was in the poetry club and got another work published.  As of 2022, I have had many of my writings published and I'm truly proud of myself. Now the next step is publishing my very first book. Speaking of publishing let's tell this story and let's create our very own happily ever after together mmmmmmmmmmm ya.

Lily Anatasia A Life Truly Worth Living.

Anatasia slowly opens her blue eyes staring directly at her window. There she could see small rock pebbles hitting her window. She sighs loudly and rolled her eyes. It's Jason her human alarm clock. It turns out he is just as annoying as any worldly alarm clock who knew. She slowly got up and headed to her window. She slowly opens her window and glared at her human alarm clock. Good morning sunshine Jason called out to her. Before she could even utter a response he was already in her room after climbing from her window. He helped himself to some pancakes her mom has left her from breakfast. Mmmmmmmm this is so delicious he exclaimed after biting into a piece of tasty bacon. Yeah, Lily utter staring into her very own perfectly imperfect reflection.

To be continued.......