Happy Birthday Beautiful Franchy

Dear Diary

I'm now thirty-five and have seen so much through my bright blue eyes. I've fallen in and out of love and have yet to find the guy that set my heart on fire.

I've kissed so many frogs that by now I know how to be with many men and make them feel special, loved. I've made love a thousand times, but perhaps I don't honestly know the meaning of love.

Additionally, I've had a lot of jobs however none of them allowed me to be my very best. Instead, they took a part of my soul that I can never get back.

I've had plenty of time on this earth, but I've wasted some by listening to other people who didn't
think I was important enough to get to know.

I created this blog some years back to share my life with you all. I'm continually grateful for you all visiting and for continuing to allow me to live my dream.

Franchy says,
Thank You

I hope I live to see many more years. It all started on a beautiful Sunday, since I don't know when it will end I will live my life as such. I wish everyone else who is born on this day a frantastic birthday.


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