2017 Why So Plastic Fran? Part 3


Lark Voorhies the quintessential black barbie! I don't know about you but during "save by the bell" I always admired her natural beauty. Yes, she is a beautiful woman, that many females dream to look similar to. Which is why when I saw a recent picture of her I was shocked she looked so different, she looked lighter and like she got some work done on her appearance.

Rumors of Lark Voorhies getting plastic surgery has been buzzing around the internet like a group of bees not behaving. Can't, we all just get along? No I suppose we all can't get alone as this world would be too perfect (excuse my sarcasm). Another widely assume assumption is that she is also bipolar, what do you think? I don't know whether she got plastic surgery, it could just be her illness and bad makeup. As for bipolar if she is affected by that disease I wish her well. Regardless if the change in her appearance is through life changes or is because of a procedure, it is evident that Lark Voorhies is no longer her former self. However, the question is supposing her great transformation was due to the normal aging process or was it due to plastic surgery? 

Within our unique universe, one of the most feared life changes is aging. I am afraid of losing my youthful appearance (as I'm in my mid-thirties) by aging. Nonetheless getting old is inevitable it will happen to everyone someday. While the majority of us can't do anything about our impending loss of beauty, celebrities and the wealthy people are continually searching for the fountain of youth. Meaning many are turning to quick fixes like plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is "the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body, especially by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons." Today if you're, not happy how you look you can change it, there is no need to be depressed. There are plenty of doctors willing to give you recommendations on what you need to improve to be a better you. Where are the doctors that encourage you to embrace your natural beauty and love your perfectly imperfect self? In my opinion, there is way too much pressure to be perfect, no one is perfect, which is what makes this world what it is. What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? Have you ever had any work done? Leave your answers below; I'm looking forward to hearing your frantastic ideas. I hope you have a lovely day, bye now.

              Why so Plastic?