Franchys Dear Dearest Diary Day 3

"Sometimes an early start doesn't necessarily means their be an end, carpe diem seize the day live like tomorrow isn't promised because it isn't."

Dear Dearest,

Good morning, today I started my day early and right. Today is going to be another beautiful day I sing to myself as I brushed my teeth and wash my pretty face.Then I preceded up the stairs to my grandmother's room.There she lied sleeping as usual. I look at her and I see my future, she looks at me and see her past. She was me and I will be her for such is our life cycle.We start start as newborns and we finish as babies with many life experiences. Looking at her got me thinking how many more tommorows she really have left? She is so unwell that she got me sick and visiting my primary physician. She knows her time is limited and every morning she wakes up is a blessing.What if we all perceive life as the elderly? That every early start doesn't necessarily promise a beautiful ending?

Sometimes an early start doesn't necessarily means their be an end, carpe diem seize the day live like tomorrow isn't promised because it isn't.The truth is the younger you are the more envisible you feel. You see your tomorrows as if they go on infinitely. Like the blue skies that seem to stretch out for eternity till the havens welcomes you. Contrastingly reality hits as we age, suddenly we have limits. We realize that life is unfair and at times so unkind. We begin to realize that we too have an ending insight and then we begin to make amends.What if we realized that early on in life? Then we would make each day count. Every breath that we take would soon be followed by laughter.We would never sweat the small things.Instead we would treasure the little things that trully matters. We would finally be alive our blue eyes truly seeing for the first time. May today your blue eyes be opened wide too afraid to miss any special moments. Laugh every chance you get even as the stares begin to increase (because they will). Live today like the next few seconds is not promised because it isn't. Have a blessed day all!



  1. Her forevermore have started 12-8-1925 to 09-12-2019 rest in peace.


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