Breath Your Ultimate Best Life Ever Is Waiting Sweet Lovely.

 Hi Lovelies, how are you? I'm doing fine just tired and am totally not in one of my best Franchy moods ya. 

Why am I not in one of my best Franchy moods? Well, it is because I was thinking about one of my exes. Lovelies every time I think of him I just get really angry. I start thinking about all the lies he told me.

Lovelies I'm a Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel and I truly madly deeply have a great big heart for everyone. This guy had made me so angry that I'm just not my Franchy self. 

Lovelies I believe it is great to take a calming breath and remember you don't have it the worst. There is another Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel going through their toughest times.

Lovelies while I was thinking about how life can generally be so difficult and truly hard to comprehend. I saw a squirrel fall off a tree and died just like that.

Lovelies it truly madly deeply was difficult watching this beautiful animal pass away. Lovelies That is the fragility of life. Here today gone tomorrow. Lovelies tomorrow is never promised always make sure that you are living your best life ever.


To help you live your best life ever here is a list of things to truly madly deeply be grateful for:

  1. You woke up today now that is a beautiful life.
  2. You have another chance to create your very own happily ever after.
  3. You have a place to call home despite the many shortcomings and emptiness that lay just beneath the surface.
  4. Your heart is full of love despite your wallet being empty of special resources.
  5. Your eyes are still blue with many hopes and dreams. Oh sweet Lovely you have never seen such beauty mmmmmmmm ya.
  6. You smile at life despite it being perfectly imperfect and life loves smiling back.
  7. You are the happiest you have ever been and are eternally grateful for everything you have.

Lastly, always remember life is whatever you make of it. Carpe diem seize the day to your very own happily ever after.

I truly madly deeply love you all and all your perfect imperfections. Enjoy your wonderfully beautiful day mmmmmmmm ya.