My Frantastic Online Journey 2021 Edition.

 Hi Lovelies, how are you?

I'm doing ok just working hard as usual typing my Franchy words onto this internet of dreams. As I said before I have been working on my business Frans Online Business INC since 2006. I have learned a lot and made plenty of mistakes as I'm truly madly deeply perfectly imperfect. I have come across my share of online scams that I preferably would of like to avoid. Nonetheless, mistakes yield the most wonderfully beautiful blue lessons. Yes, I know with the internet there are plenty of ways to find out the truth about every company you truly desire. Nevertheless, there is nothing like the old fashion trial and error. Lovelies how many times have your parents ask you to not do something and you didn't listen? Well, I myself can think of plenty of times ya. Each time I unmistakenly learn that my mother knows much more about life than I know. However, there is nothing more timeless than a mother's love.

Lovelies it is 2021 and many things have truly changed. For one I'm almost 39 years old now and when I started this blog I was like 29 or 30 years old at the time. I was working full time for a company and I was blogging on the side if you will. Lovelies there was one thing truly noticeable my passion. My blue eyes absolutely twinkle with anticipation when I was about to press the publish now button. I marvel at you Lovelies clicking and reading my work of art of sorts. There are many blogs published online and you are here reading my Franchy thoughts. That's amazingly awesome to be rather frank. That goes without saying that I will continue posting what is near and dear to my Franchy heart. Moreover, I will be updating some of my really old posts. I truly madly deeply feel as though you Lovelies really know my inner deeper desire to write.

I love to write and I suspect that is a fun fact that will always ring with some fantastic truth. Lovelies there is something about writing my thoughts down that set me free. I can express myself every which way. My ultimate writing dream is to publish my very first book. Which I'm currently working on as we speak sort of speak. Ya, my wonderful beautiful writing is all over the wanderlust of the world wide web. As is my beautiful wonderful pictures via Francesca Etheart INC for my modeling business and photography. Ya, I created another business that I have always been passionate about. I even was part of the pageant world for two years. Lovelies when it comes to it all my businesses are about my passions and dreams. I love sharing wonderful beautiful pieces of me. Come here often to collect more pieces and bring back the blue in your eyes mmmmmmmmmmm ya.

Stay Blessed Lovelies.