Franchys Dear Mama 2021.

 Hi Lovelies

Good morning or good night in the world. How are you all doing? I'm doing fine truly grateful to make it to another month praise God. Some changes are definitely coming Lovelies. For starters, the summer is ending and school is about to start again. Then next thing you know we will be welcoming 2022. Time is flying Lovelies make sure to truly madly deeply make good use of your time and stop wasting it. Ya Lovelies stop saying you will do it later as later nor tomorrow is never promised. 

Lovelies nothing is ever promised or guaranteed in our very own perfectly imperfect life. We can be here laughing today and gone tomorrow. I don't know how long I have. All I know is I don't want to waste any more precious time. I want to truly do all the things I have been meaning to do. For instance, having a better relationship with my mother. She is all I have right now. My grandmother is gone sad to say she wasn't that much of a good mother nor was my own mother. Growing up in Haiti life was hard and my grandmother was the one who cared for me while my mother was in the United States. She struggled to keep me and my sister safe and well taken care of. Consequently, for that, I will eternally always be thankful to her. Nonetheless growing up with no one resembling me understandably caused a good bout of confusion. For instance, my skin burns in the sun so I use sunscreen to protect my skin. While my mother never gets burn and never uses sunscreen. Moreover, my hair gets greasy and gross her hair doesn't.

Lovelies it is my greasy hair and sunburned skin that inspired me to build a better relationship with my mother and get to know her better. I'm truly madly deeply happy to say that we are currently working on our relationship. May we grow closer and stronger. Lovelies I never had a Dad so my mom is all I have and I truly treasure that mmmmmmmmmmmmm ya. Lovelies treasure your parents and your perfectly imperfect family. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angels I love you all truly mmmmmmmmmmmmm ya.

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