2021 A Sweet Franchy Birthday Your Blue Eyed Beauty

A Sweet Franchy Birthday.

 Hi, Lovelies, how are you. I'm doing alright having a good day. I truly madly deeply am feeling blessed to see another beautiful wonderful day and year ya. Lovelies it is official I was born 39 years ago today on a beautiful lovely Sunday full of many hopes and dreams. In my very own perfectly imperfect life I have been through a lot and learned many important lessons. Nevertheless, the most important lesson I learned is to love myself and all my perfect imperfections. I may not be perfect and ya I have made plenty of mistakes and will continue doing so. I'm blessed to be just me Franchy a beautiful blue-eyed beauty. Yes, it is true I truly wished I was married and that I started my very own perfectly imperfect family. Nonetheless, it is not so. I'm currently single and just keep finding love in all the wrong places. Furthermore, I will like to mention this year I was able not to get into another meaningless relationship. Well, there just was no love there as I did not love myself. Now I do love myself and truly madly deeply see the beauty deep within me. Today I celebrate me and all my perfect imperfections. If this is to be my very last birthday I made it a great day for me. I remember when I was younger I never did receive any presents. I still don't get gifts now in my older Franchy days. I have finally realized that my gift is that I get to celebrate another perfectly imperfect birthday praise, God. Moreover, I have learned it is not about others acknowledging my special day or giving me many beautiful gifts. Lovelies If I keep waiting for others to celebrate me then my true beautiful blue celebration will never be. Sweet Lovelies life is whatever you make of it make it great and create your very own happily ever after ya.

A love letter to myself.

Today I celebrate you my princess and all your perfect imperfections.

You are truly an angel on earth with the beauty to light a thousand lighthouses full of beautiful hopes and dreams.

On your special day let's dance to your very own happily ever after.

As I sing your beautiful happy birthday. I look so deep in your beautiful blue eyes and you never looked so content and happy full of absolute happiness of love.

I do truly love you now and forevermore darling.

Let us become one and make our dreams a reality.

For the reality is time waits for no one it keeps spinning for eternal more.

"I love you I love you I do" 


  1. Happy birthday to me and all you Lovelies whos birthday has past.


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