2021 A love letter to myself

Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, I see the beautiful tears in your eyes glistening off last year's past of broken dreams. You have been through a lot and still begin your day with the most beautiful smile on your face. With a heart full of pure sweet love your kindness truly madly deeply knows no bounds. Here is my beautiful wonderful letter to you as another year comes to a close and a forevermore of creating your very own happily ever after takes the lead in this incredible dance call life.



Dear Love, 

As you stare at your very own perfectly imperfect reflection the grays are slowly lining every inch of your tresses of love that once was the most beautiful color of sweet hope. Oh, Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel how you use to dance under the most beautiful blue skies. Then haven truly madly deeply was right here on mother earth. Your beautiful long tresses would dance gently down your back as I took your hand and walked with you to your very own happily ever after. Then one day you fell in love. So many sweet kisses intermittently followed by you making sweet love right under the deep blue skies of love. You knew then you were meant to be a mommy. Guiding your beautiful children through the light into their very own happily ever after. Nevertheless, it just was not meant to be. For there was a huge line of dreadfully green frogs waiting to take their turn to break your beautiful heart into ten thousand pieces. 

Then one day you were walking one of your many wonderful frantastic walks in the park of love. There he sat across from you riding in the car of sweet dreams. He asked you if you wanted a ride? You shyly said no. Nonetheless, he came across the wanderlust wonderland and straight to your heart. He picked you up and carried you across the wanderlust of wonder and made you his forevermore. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel, I sense your hesitation. As you have kissed so many frogs before him. Your heart is truly madly deeply unmended with no hope in sight. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel even as you write this beautiful sweet love letter your sweetheart is continuously playing the lullaby of many broken promises. With so many should've, could've, and would've dancing with you in your very own perfectly imperfect dance of sweet hope. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel as you write this you still are unable to see your very own natural beauty. Your very own beautiful blue eyes truly madly deeply unable to see. Are the beauty that is this perfectly imperfect life of yours. Here we are, Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel. It is the ending of 2021. Tell me Sweet Lovely will 2022 be the year you truly stop dreaming your life and begin living your dream?

Do you truly want it as bad as you need to breathe?