2022 Happy New Year Of Deep Blue Dreams.

 Happy New Year Lovelies!

Wow, I truly madly deeply can't believe it is 2022. It truly feels like just yesterday we were celebrating 2021 with wonderful beautiful hopes and dreams. Sweet Lovelies I'm dedicated to bringing you new content this year. This year will be the year I bring new life into all of my beautiful blogs. I'm grateful to have made it to another New Year with another chance to live my Franchy dreams. Today I find out Betty White died on the very last day of the year. I'm truly madly deeply sorry to learn of her sudden death (maybe not that sudden) and my prayers are with her Lovely family. Nevertheless, death is a natural part of life. As we all know nothing truly lasts forever unfortunately including our very own special lives. We all must live like tomorrow is never promised. Enjoy our perfectly imperfect eternal existence as best as you can. Love the life you live. On that note here is a lovely poem I wrote just for you ya.

Lovely Story 1

Today I awoke with shiny blue eyes.

My sweet children still sleeping and my faithful husband is surrounded by our wonderful beautiful creations. Our children we truly made from love.

The Christmas lights are still on all around our wonderful lovely neighborhood of sweet dreams.

There was not a stir in our gorgeous four-bedroom house. Well except for our lovely fur baby Fluffly Love and me of course.

Then suddenly I felt a sudden pain deep in my heart and it was lights out forevermore. At least that is what I thought.

Lovely Story 2

Today I awoke with shiny beautiful blue eyes. There were papers all around me and an empty coffee up underneath the covers of many broken promises. I'm an independent blogger and have just received my lovely lucky break. All night on New Year's Eve while my friends were partying I was writing my first frantastic blog post. Which is due today on New Year's Day. Yes, it is New Year's day I thought silently reading the text from my boss. What can I have it ready by 3:30pm? I looked nervously at my watch in my hand. It says 9:30 am.

Lovelies as we lived to see another frantastic year. We unknowingly start a different phase of our very own perfectly imperfect lives. We all have problems and it is truly up to us to live our very best life ever. Read on tomorrow to see how I resolve and create a happily ever after for each story. Lovlies prepare to see new content each day I love you.

In loving memory of Betty White:

January 17, 1922, to December 31, 2021. 

A lovely American actress with an optimistic mind and a beautiful heart. Gone but will never be forgotten.