Frachys A Little Life Update.

 Hi, Lovelies,

"Sometimes the merry go round of broken dreams is truly madly deeply on a standstill now and forevermore. Patiently waiting for you. Looking so deeply into your blue eyes of hope. Knowingly waiting for you to give up and give in. Sweet Lovely dont you dare. Always believe in yourself no mattter what." 

How are you all doing this beautiful early morning? To be honest no I'm not doing that great as I currently have a lot on my Franchy mind. I was sleeping the whole day knowing that I had a lot of work to do for my perfectly imperfect business. Literally, I could not move it was like someone was laying on my chest and I  could not even breathe. I was truly madly deeply paralyzed by fear. Here we are in the new year and I'm still doing all the things I have always done. Sweet Lovelies I really mean this has to be the year for change. I don't want to keep dreaming my life I want to live my dream. As a matter of fact, my sister Elizabeth and I was talking about getting older and still not married with children and other expectations one may have when you finally reach the milestones of sweet 40.

That's right this year I'm turning 40 years old. I remember just like it was yesterday me turning the big 30. I was so terribly frightened. Now I'm turning 40 imagine how scared I'm now. My beautiful weird color hair turning white. The realization of my natural beauty fading away as I don't dye my hair ever. I'm truly madly deeply my own kind of beautiful. Nonetheless, I don't want 2022  to be just like last year's past of broken dreams. There is still my wonderful beautiful book of poetry I would love to publish. Moreover, Francesca Etheart INC and Frans Online Business INC must be. I know, I know just do it Franchy.

To be continued!!!!!!