Franchy's A Love Like Ours.

 My sweet love, it was last year's past of a broken dream we met once upon a midsummer stream.

You saw me across the street and you picked me up and put me in your car and from that moment on I was yours and you were mine.

Then fall came and I truly madly deeply knew I have fallen hard for you. Then suddenly the unexpected we parted ways without so much a sweet kiss and a see you later. 

Then a new year of fall was upon us once again. Giving us a second chance at sweet love once again upon a midsummer stream. 

Oh, darling I never knew a love like this before. You see past my faults and never hold past grudges. Your love is truly madly deeply unconditional as you forgive me for my past mistakes.

No, I never knew love like this before. Your love eternal and your sweet kisses everlasting. I'm yours you are mine now and forevermore.

I promise to never leave your side even after we each breathe our very last sweet goodbyes. 

    I love you I do, I do.


  1. Ya in a new relatioship lets swee how it goes. I'm getting older and would love to find my true love and get married.


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